Melt Flow Meter Market Detailed Analytical Overview by 2028

Future Market Insights

Melt flow meter measures the melting flow characteristic of the materials such as plastic, PVC, and polymers. Profitable Sectors such as construction, automotive, electrical & electronics are consuming high quantity of plastics.  Before launching any plastic or polymer product in a market, these are required to be tested by companies multiple times which is ultimately driving the adoption of melt flow meters. Various uses of polymers in construction sector such as insulation, cladding and pipes helps to grow the demand of melt flow meter in a market. It measures the ease of flow of all the polymer materials and is also used to measure the flowing capacity of the polymer materials. Manufacturers are focused on upgrading of the melt flow meter with enhanced features such as user-friendly interference, touch screen and these factors are ultimately fuelling the growth of melt flow meter market.

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High Investments in Construction and Polymer Industry Driving Demand for Melt Flow Meters

Rapid adoption of melt flow meter is witnessed in Industries such as polymer, construction, automotive. Countries such as China, India, Brazil, and Mexico have been investing significant amount in construction and polymer industry. Massive quantity of polymer is being consumed in Construction and infrastructure which ultimately needs to be tested using melt flow meter. Hence, this factor drives the growth of melt flow meter market across the globe. High investments in automotive sector is been witnessed in Europe which boosts the adoption of melt flow meters. Also, recycling of plastic has been a growing trend from past few years and excessive amount of plastic waste has been a major concern across the globe.

Innovations and advancement of technologies in a polymer industry is also creating the need of new and technologically advanced testing equipment, rising the demand for melt flow meter. Massive requirement of polymers in textile and packaging industry increases the demand of melt flow meter significantly. Another factor which is driving the market of melt flow meters is the user friendly feature of this equipment.

Manufacturers are focusing on melt flow meters which offer benefits/features such as accurate results and are upgraded with enhanced features. Requirement of plastic in an automotive sector increases rapidly in last few years which ultimately drives the melt flow meter market significantly. However issues such as unskilled labor, lack of technological advancement affect the global market of melt flow meter.

Melt Flow Meter Market: Segmentation

Segmentation of melt flow meter market as per equipment type:

  • Basic melt flow indexer
  • Standard melt flow test equipment
  • Advance melt flow system

Segmentation of melt flow meter market as per end user:

  • Plastic and Polymer industry
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Other

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Melt Flow Meter Market: Competition Landscape

Key Players

Key players in melt flow meter market are Pestro testing instruments, Hanatek instruments, Qualitest, Engelmann and Buckhmam and international equipment, wance testing machines.

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