Immunofluorescence Analyzer Market Value Share, Supply Demand, share and Value Chain 2018 – 2028

Future Market Insights

The increasing prevalence of chronic diseases is necessitating demand for immunofluorescence analyzers

Immunofluorescence analysis is a process used to analyze the distribution of protein, glycan, and small biological as well as non-biological molecules, such as tissues and cells, using the antibodies associated with a fluorescent dye, which is also known as a fluorophore. This procedure enables the viewing of molecules using an imaging system or fluorescence microscope.

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Immunofluorescence analysis is a biochemical test that is used to identify and analyze a specific substance in the blood or body fluid sample with the help of an antigen or antibody. Immunofluorescence analysis is a highly specific and sensitive method of study due to the usage of antibodies and purified antigens in the form of reagents. Immunofluorescence analyzers are commonly used for the measurement of drugs, hormones, tumor markers, cardiac injury markers, and specific proteins. Higher sensitivity, simplified reagents, and assay designs are some of the advantages associated with the usage of immunofluorescence analyzers.

Increasing R&D spending and frequent products innovations remain major contributors toward immunofluorescence analyzer market growth

The immunofluorescence analyzers market is gaining traction following the launch of innovative products and various technological advancements, such as compactness, portability, and real-time monitoring, in point-of-care analysis systems.

  • For example, AESKU group launched its new HELIOS automated immunofluorescence analyzer system accompanied by AESKUSLIDES ANA HEp-2-Gamma analysis. HELIOS is built upon the computerized system for immunofluorescence processing by recapturing the image with a fluorescence microscope using integrated software. In a single analysis, HELIOS can process and analyze various patient samples. In over 40 countries, more than 300 HELIOS immunofluorescence analyzer systems are being used.

The biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies account for a significant share of the global immunofluorescence analyzer market. Various factors, such as the increasing usage of immunofluorescence assays in the study of different diseases as well as drug discovery, as well as developments in the processes of critical companies, are contributing to the growth of immunofluorescence analyzer market.

The increasing frequency of chronic conditions and infectious diseases, which require prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment, is also among the key factors boosting the demand for immunofluorescence analyzers in the healthcare sector.

Global Immunofluorescence Analyzer Market: Segmentation

The global immunofluorescence analyzer market can be segmented on the basis of product, end use, application, and region.

Immunofluorescence Analyzer Market by Product Type:

  • Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay
  • Chemiluminescence Immunoassay
  • Radioimmunoassay
  • Enzyme Linked Fluorescent Immunoassay

Immunofluorescence Analyzer Market by End Use:

  • Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies
  • Contract Research Organizations
  • Academic and Research Institutes
  • Others

Immunofluorescence Analyzer Market by Application:

  • Direct Tissue Evaluation
  • Carcinogenic Cells Diagnosis
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
  • Autoimmune Disease Diagnosis
  • Others

Immunofluorescence Analyzer Market: Key Companies

Some of the key players operating in the global immunofluorescence analyzer market are:

  • Abbott Laboratories
  • EMD Millipore
  • BioMerieux
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Siemens Healthcare
  • DiaSorin S.p.A.
  • Inova Diagnostics
  • Perkin-Elmer
  • Danaher
  • Bio-Rad
  • Others

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