Heat Deformation Tester Market Industry Analysis, Trend and Growth, 2018 – 2028

Future Market Insights

Heat deformation tester is used to measure the physical characteristics of plastic at a constant, high temperature. Heat deformation tester is alternatively referred to as the deflection tester that is primarily used to measure the bending strength/limit of the various polymers as per the industry requirements. Plastic, being a heat-sensitive material, its load-bearing capacity depends on the surrounding temperature. Heat deformation tester is a tool useful for determining the ability of plastics and polymers to bear load at different temperatures.

Heat deformation tester is used in multiple industries to ensure the quality of plastic products. Increasing use of quality plastic products in industries such as agriculture, electronics, and plastics industry, is boosting the growth of heat deformation tester market across the globe. Selection of appropriate plastic based material for high-quality products associated with the automobiles and airplanes requires precise and accurate testing at various temperature. Rapid adoption of plastic products in automobile and airplane manufacturing field is one of the factors that is likely to push the demand for heat deformation tester.

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Accurate and reliable deformation detection is important factor of plastic industry. Advanced and innovative features such as precise measurement through dial gauge, advanced digital microprocessor, inbuilt auto-tuning function, and corrosion resistance make it user-friendly which ultimately drives the heat deformation tester market.

Heat Deformation Tester Market: Key Dynamics

Increasing use of plastic-based products in agriculture and automobile industries is accelerating the demand

Use of plastic products such as plastic pipes, poly-vinyl chloride (PVS) and Polypropylene has increased in a massive amount in the agriculture industry. Plastic products are used in agriculture industry for micro-irrigation, pond lining, green housing, and plastic mulching.

Heat deformation tester is used to test plastic pipes at a different temperature to ensure the bending limit and overall quality of the plastic pipes. Increasing use of plastic pipes due to advanced irrigation systems in the agriculture industry is helping to grow the heat deformation tester market globally. Key automobile manufacturing players are focusing on manufacturing more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Manufacturers are using more lightweight plastic in vehicles to improve its fuel efficiency. Variety of plastic products such as Polypropylene (PP), Poly-Vinyl-Chloride (PVC), and Polyurethane (PUR) are used in the automobile industry in a tremendous amount. Increasing use of plastic product in automobile industry to increase overall efficiency ultimately boosts the heat deformation tester market.

On the other hand, inadequate awareness about the heat deformation tester in some under developed regions is one of the factors deterring the growth of heat deformation tester market.

Heat Deformation Tester Market: Segmentation

On the basis of station type, Heat deformation tester market is segmented into

  • Single station
  • Twin Station
  • Multiple Station

On the basis of end use, heat deformation tester market is segmented into

  • Agriculture Industry
  • Automobile industry
  • Plastic Industry
  • Others

Heat Deformation Tester Market: Competition Landscape

Key manufacturers of heat deformation testers are Presto Group, Qualitest International Inc, HexaPlast India, International Equipments, Shanta engineering and S.A Associates.

  • Manufacturers are focusing on providing advanced heat deformation tester in the market as per the industry needs. For example, Presto group, one of the manufacturers of heat deformation tester, recently launched heat deformation tester with features such as digital microprocessor, auto tuning function and uniform temperature facility.
  • Manufacturers are also concentrating on providing cost effective heat deformation tester to capture significant market share. Manufacturing of affordable heat deformation tester ultimately attracts the small scale industry players in the market.

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