Automotive Black boxes Market Prophesied to Grow at a Faster Pace by 2028

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Automotive Black boxes a.k.a Event Data Recorder (EDR) are an essential tool for investigating the driver movements in case of collision/ accident. These smart units usually record the driver actions 5-10 seconds before the airbags are triggered. Black boxes in vehicles are normally out of sight as they are installed either beneath the seat or on the dashboard. These devices record not only events and movements of the driver but also the speed, braking, turning and whether the seat belt is put on or not plus the other driving parameters. The automotive black boxes are triggered by the sensors upon sudden braking or left/right turns made by the driver while driving.

The automotive black boxes are essential tools used by the police and insurance companies to investigate accidents. This helps the investigating authorities to know the exact cause of the accident and the conclusion if the driver needs to be incriminated for the same. The black boxes are useful in case the driver is not in fault.

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They ensure faster insurance claims thus benefitting the car owners. There are two types of black boxes in the market. One is the standard version that is normally installed on dashboard or beneath the driver seat and the other one is known as video data event recorder which is usually installed on the wind shield. This type of black box records the actions of the driver in real time along with the other parameters plus GPS location and the direction in which the vehicle was moving.

Automotive Black boxes Market: Dynamics : Automotive Black boxes mostly preferred by the fleet owners such as cab companies, ambulances, logistic trucks, commute buses and trains. The concept of black box in automobiles has been introduced because of rise in number of land accidents as compared to the ones in air. This has been a driving factor for the automotive black boxes market. In addition to this, the black boxes are being suggested by the insurance companies to support the claims. Plus, the stringent government regulations in may developed countries have made it compulsory for the manufacturers to install a black box in the automobiles they manufacture. This has certainly been a driver for the automotive black boxes market.

The new trend seen in the automotive black boxes market is installing both the type of EDRs i.e. the standard version as well as the video mount EDR. This is so as to accumulate accurate data from the black boxes in case of accidents and claims. Although they are important tool for acquiring the vehicle’s data, they have been interrupting the privacies of drivers and the end users are not happy with this. Therefore, this can be recorded as the only hindrance for the automotive black boxes market although it doesn’t assert much impact.

Automotive Black boxes Market: Segmentation : On the basis of installation, the Global Automotive Black boxes Market can be segmented into: Under-the-seat Black Boxes, Dashboard Black Boxes, Windshield Mounted Black Boxes On the basis of type, the Global Automotive Black boxes Market can be segmented into: Event Data Recorder, Video Event Data Recorder (Dash Cam) On the basis of End Users, the Global Automotive Black boxes Market can be segmented into: Fleet Owners, Commute Buses, Logistic Trucks, Trains

Automotive Black boxes Market: Regional Outlook : Most of the Automotive Black boxes market is majorly concentrated in the developed regions like Europe, U.S, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Although with more number of land accidents witnessed every year, the market is slow paced in the developing countries like China, ASEAN and Latin America. India and parts of MEA are anticipated to be slow adopters of the Automotive Black boxes market. This is due to lack of awareness and the privacy concerns of the users in these regions.

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Automotive Black boxes Market: Key Players : Examples of some of the market participants identified across the value chain of the Automotive Black boxes Market are: cube LABS. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd BlackVue EGENs Inc. Bosch Automotive Service Solutions Inc. Duvonn Electronic Technology Co., Ltd Shenzhen Newsmy Technology Co. Ltd

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