Elecampane Root Market : Potential and Niche Segments, Geographical regions and Trends 2018 – 2028

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Elecampane Root: Introduction The elecampane root is extracted from the elecampane herb that is native to the regions of Europe and Asia. It is also being grown nowadays in some parts of North America. The elecampane root is used for medicinal purposes. It is mostly used for lung diseases such as whooping cough, bronchitis, asthma and many more. Even though many experiments have been proved for the elecampane root to have wide healing properties, the elecampane root has still not been approved for the use by the medical board. The elecampane root is thus being distributed above-the-counter and not by prescriptions.

The elecampane root is available as organic and also conventional. The demand for an Organic elecampane root is more especially in North America which has the highest market for organic products all around the world.

The elecampane root is being used in a variety of beverages and also in herbal supplements due to their medicinal properties. The elecampane root is brewed to prepare an alcoholic drink which has a low alcoholic content. Also, herbal teas have elecampane root as one of their flavor or a mix of herbs that contain elecampane root in them. Elecampane roots are also used as supplements for animals especially for horses that have respiratory problems. The elecampane root has been relieving these horses of the respiratory ailments.

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The Powerful Root that is Being Increasingly Utilized by Chefs Elecampane root has been known for its bitter taste and a strong flavor. Its slightly aromatic that has pushed the chefs to exp​_eriment with it. The chefs in the food service sector have started incorporating the elecampane root in the food items. Many chefs especially in the North America are coming up with dishes that has elecampane root in it. Many people are aware of the benefits that the elecampane root offer. But due to their bitter taste, they are usually not being consumed on a daily basis. So chefs have come up with this idea.

Also, a farm in Pennsylvania has started growing the elecampane root that is being sold as candied elecampane root and also Elixir of the elecampane root and other components along with it.

Elecampane Root: Segmentation The global elecampane root market is segmented on the basis of Nature, Form, End use and Distribution channel. On the basis of nature, the global elecampane root market has been segmented as-Organic, Conventional On the basis of form, the global elecampane root market has been segmented as-Cut-form,Powdered, Liquid On the basis of end use, the global elecampane root market has been segmented as-Beverages, Non-alcoholic, Alcoholic, Foodservice/ HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes),Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Animal supplements,Personal care & Cosmetics, Household/Retail, On the basis of distribution channel, the global elecampane root market has been segmented as-B2B/ Direct, B2C/ Indirect, Supermarket/ Hypermarket, Specialty Stores, Drug Stores, Online Retailers

Elecampane Root: Key Players Some of the leading players of global elecampane root market include Mountain Rose Inc., Napiers Herbals Ltd., Monterey Bay Spice Company, Starwest Botanicals Inc., Organic Herb Trading Co., Furnace Creek Farm

Elecampane Root: OpportunitiesThe elecampane root has recently been discovered for its medicinal properties even though it was used for the same since very ancient times. The incorporation of the elecampane root in a variety of products has been increased and more research is going on for the discovery of its properties. There are not many cultivators of the elecampane root. So, in North America, the people have started growing the elecampane root naturally in farms to cater to the demands of the growing demands. But once the medical board approves of the elecampane root, the demands for it will increase extensively. Elecampane root has a bigger market in North America, especially in the United States. The consumers in North America are the first ones to try out new healthier options. This is due to the consumers looking for healthier food that has fresh ingredients in it. They have begun to follow healthier choices and want to enjoy these at home as well as when eating out. The trends in the US and Europe tend to replicate in markets around the world. The elecampane root in its natural, candied or elixir form has obtained a great demand globally.

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