Hip Kits Market Size, Share, Manufacturers, Countries and Forecasts To 2026

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The global healthcare climate is taking a paradigm shift. The entire industry is adapting to new challenges and trying to build up an ecosystem which can balance the supply and demand ratio in the healthcare industry. Skilled manpower, post hospitalisation treatments (homecare) and parity in healthcare are some of the long pending challenges which the industry is facing and combating for decades. The entire healthcare had adapted to a plethora of new ideas to meet the imminent challenges. One of the emerging segments of healthcare is homecare or post op care which is economically fertile and has a large global market. The Hip kits market is directly attached to this new emerging segment of healthcare and it has an immense scope of growth. Estimated $215 billion healthcare industry is growing at an average rate of 8 percent and the growth rate will soar by the end of this decade. The hip kit market is flanked by the booming healthcare market and the growth of the healthcare market will directly impact the surge if the global healthcare market.

The demand of the adult homecare is exploding in Asian and European countries. Which is again fuelling the growth and sustenance of the emerging Hip kits market in this region Apart from U.S., Europe, China, Japan, Indian healthcare demographics are changing fast which is encouraging the mushrooming of start-ups and the growth of home care in the billion dollar market of India. Which is a boon for the Hip Kits industry. These regions will have maximum demands of Hip kits as the mother industries like healthcare and homecare is growing fast. A report predicts that the healthcare device market will touch approximately $15 billion by 2017 which will also pull up the revenue of the Hip kits market f this region.

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Hip Kits market: Drivers

The swelling adult population and the emerging home care industry and the changing scene of modern healthcare are some of the massive growth components which can assure a stable future for this hip kits industry. The growth curve of the Hip Kits market is mounting. The hip kits market’s growth is bolstering globally as it is complimented by the massive wave of elderly population which will reach to 1.4 billion by 2050 according to UN. The healthcare markets of Japan is one of the biggest which is riding on a massive sum of $100 billion. The Chinese market is crowded with 85 billion and the entire healthcare and homecare industry stands at $ 3 billion. The Indian healthcare industry is a $2.3 billion industry and it is growing at a steady rate of 18 percent annually. All these potential markets are favourable business grounds for Hip kits producers.

Hip kits are predominantly used by patients who are recovering from Hip, knee or back surgery. The kit is packed with dressing stick, 2 pairs of Perma-Ty Elastic Shoe Laces- 30″ White and 24″ Black, Raptor Reacher, Shoehorn with T handle, Scrubbies Round Sponge, Deluxe sock and stocking aid.

Hip Kits market: Restraints

The Hip kits industry is beaming with new inventions and modernization. But the cost and availability and healthcare awareness in the south-East Asian markets such as India, and China are some of the biggest factors which are puncturing the growth of this industry.

Hip Kits market: Key Regions

The fast expanding healthcare markets of China, Japan, India, US and Europe are pushing the growth of Hip Kits market in this region. Most of the producers and manufacturers of Hip Kits are based in U.S.A., Japan, China. The export market of Hip kits is crowded with manufacturers from India, China and U.S. and Canada and Japan. Though there is a gulf of difference in the pricing and in the quality of the products produced in the Asian hip kits market and in the international Hip kits market.

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Hip Kits market: Key Players

There are multiple players who are dominating the hip kits markets spread across the globe some of them are based in U.S. such as Stryker corp, and they have earned almost $0.7 billion revenue from the global market. Apart from that Smith and Nephew from London, Medi Touch Limited in Israel, Surgitech, Dubai, Orthomax India, India are some of the standard Hip Kits producers in the hip kits international markets.

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