Fertilizer Applicators Market Present Scenario and the Growth Prospects 2018-2028

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Global agricultural industry is on the verge of modernization with the increasing need for crop production from the resultant demand from end use sectors such food commodities, horticulture, textiles, etc. To augment, the rate of agricultural activities such as seeding, sowing and applying fertilizers to the soil, a high degree of growth has been observed in the agricultural machinery or equipment market in past few years. Fertilizer applicators is type of agricultural machinery, which is used for application of fertilizers in the agricultural field. Fertilizer applicators are of various types including sprayer, floaters, pull type, and other combinations of various types. The fertilizer applicators are available in different sizes and shapes, depending on applications. For instance small fertilizer applicators is available for garden uses, and the sizes may vary from small to a large sized applicator used in the large agricultural fields. Increasing use of fertilizers in large agricultural fields is expected to push the demand for the fertilizer applicators, during the forecast.

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Global Fertilizer Applicators Market Dynamics

Fertilizer Applicators Market Drivers

The fertilizer applicators market is projected to grow during the forecast period, due to technological advancements and introduction of new fertilizer applicator equipment in the agricultural machinery market. The demand of fertilizer applicators is increasing in agricultural industry, from emerging countries. Modernization of agricultural industry and replacement of human labor in developed as well as developing regions is accelerating the demand for fertilizer applicators, from all over the world.

Need for high output from the limited fertile land, is expected to push the new technologies application in agricultural industry. Increasing mechanization in the agriculture sector is expected to push the growth in the research and development for the ease of agricultural operations, and rise in its output. Initiatives from the governments of the various emerging countries for the manufacturing in their own countries, for instance “Make in India” campaign by Indian government, is also driving the market for fertilizers applicators in India.

Fertilizer Applicators Market Restraints

High cost is always a challenge in the agricultural machinery and equipment market. The new development and innovations in the fertilizer applicators adds new cost of research and development. Therefore the newly developed and advanced fertilizer applicators are costlier than those of the conventional and old one. This is expected to be a restraining factor for the fertilizer applicators market growth.

The farmers and growers in the emerging countries are used to with the old and conventional fertilizer applicators, hence the resistance for acceptance of the new technologies and machinery is a challenging task for the manufacturers of fertilizer applicators.

Fertilizer Applicators Market Trends

New developments in the market have been observed with up gradation in technology. Large capacity and efficient fertilizer applicators are being developed for the ease of operations in the agricultural fields. Product differentiations with the competitive pricing has been seen in the marketplace of the fertilizer applicators. Increasing number of manufacturers from the countries such as India and China, are pushing the competition in the market. New shapes and designs of the fertilizer applicators are being developed for the improvement in its operation.

Global Fertilizer Applicators Market Segmentation

On the basis of type, the global fertilizer applicators market can be segmented as:

  • Sprayer
  • Floaters
  • Pull type
  • Other Combinations

On the basis of state of the fertilizer, the global fertilizer applicators market can be segmented as:

  • Liquid Fertilizer Applicators
  • Solid Fertilizer Applicators

On the basis of application, the global fertilizer applicators market can be segmented as:

  • Agricultural
  • Commercial & Institutional

Global Fertilizer Applicators Market: Regional Outlook

Agricultural industry is going through a dynamic shift towards the modernization, especially in emerging countries such as India and China. The global fertilizer applicators market is anticipated to be dominated by Asia Pacific region with China leading the market both in terms of production and consumption. India is expected to witness high growth in demand for fertilizer applicators owing to the growth in the agricultural production and economic development in the country. North America is anticipated to hold significant share in the fertilizer applicators market and the growth in agricultural sector in the region and is anticipated to drive the demand for fertilizer applicators, in the coming years. Investments and improvement in economy recovery in Brazil and Argentina is projected to drive the fertilizer applicators market in Latin America. Initiatives by various emerging economies in Middle East and Africa to diversify the economy is projected to witness significant growth in demand for fertilizer applicators during the forecast period.

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Global Fertilizer Applicators Market Participants

Some of the market participants identified across the value chain of global fertilizer applicators market are:

  • Case IH
  • Great Plains Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Demco
  • FAST AG Solutions
  • Deere & Company
  • Kennco Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Dawn Equipment Company
  • Kongskilde Agriculture
  • Dalton Ag Products
  • Clampco
  • Abbey Machinery Ltd.,
  • Salford Group, Inc.
  • Gandy Company
  • Delta Group.

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